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Are you tired of people asking you WHAT IS THAT THING ON YOUR FACE?
It’s not a freckle and it’s not a beauty mark!
Stop spending money on dermatologists, creams and laser treatments to remove it!

Instead -Get Rid Of Warts, Moles And Skin Tags The Natural Way!

These types of skin blemishes are unsightly, unpleasant and can make your life a complete misery!

You always wonder if other people are noticing, and as small as this wart, verucca, mole or skin tag (wherever it is on your body) is, it is always on your mind.

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In this revolutionary new eBook I show you exactly how to get rid of these obnoxious blemishes using proven natural remedies that are non-toxic, safe, effective and inexpensive!

If you are reading this, it means you are probably at your wits end about how to get rid of a seemingly permanent blemish on your skin.

If so, then you are just like me a few years ago when I was at my wit's end because of warts on my hand.The warts were not really big, but they were on the back of my left hand - and I was always really self-conscious about them.

I had the warts for about seven years and all that time I kept hiding my hand, sitting on it, covering it, etc etc, I tried all ways. I felt it COMPLETELY ruined my appearance.

Over the years I tried all kinds of different treatments, especially the inexpensive ones. I had the warts burned off, dissolved and grated off with silica based products from the drug store. I even once took antibiotics to get rid of them.

Stupid me and the stupid doctor! Warts aren’t caused by dirt or bacteria. They are viral and not affected by antibiotic creams at all!

The warts kept coming back. It was like a curse. And each time they came back more transparent, gruesome and bulbous than ever.

In essence they were causing a bad case of low self-esteem.

From time to time my children would get the occasional wart and I wanted to find ways of getting rid of their warts naturally.

This is when I decided I was going to try and do something about these warts once and for all so this is how this ebook came to be written! .

Do You Cringe When You Hear the Words
"I Love You Warts and All !"?

I decided that I would go all out to find ways of finally geting rid of the warts that had been driving me mad for years.

So how did I come to write Get Rid Of Warts, Moles And Skin Tags The Natural Way?

I decided that I would do what it takes - that I would do as much research as possible on the subject to attempt to find out how to get rid of these things no matter where they occur on the body.

I thought it was bad to have them in full public view but it is also awful to have them anywhere else that a lover may detect them and start asking those questions such as -

"What is that?"
"Is that a beauty mark?"
"Have you checked that out to see if it is cancer?"
"Have you checked with a doctor into getting rid of that?"

During my research I not only figured out how to get rid of warts, but also other types of blemishes and by a certain point I had acquired so much knowledge of the topic that I decided to compile it all here in one simple eBook.

What I was looking for was a natural cure to remove warts.

This is because not everyone is happy dealing with their wart problem by allowing them to be treated medically. Yet another issue is not everyone will be able to afford such treatment.

The good news is -

You don’t necessarily need medical attention to get rid of a mole or a problem!
You can get rid of many unsightly skin blemishes naturally at home!

Do you want to get rid of your warts and moles now?

Why did I write this book?

I wrote this book to help you avoid making the medical mistakes that I did!
It includes as many different natural treatments for moles and warts as possible!

I also wrote it because I truly believe that whenever possible you should use treatments that are both safe and natural for any condition or complaint you might have.

However this does not mean that you should never seek the advice of your doctor or dermatologist especially if you want to get rid of your problem naturally or if you suspect the problem may be more serious.

This is because some skin blemishes are actually indicative of cancer or other disorders.

I found that before I could even begin to figure out what type of treatment would work for me, I had to find out more about what causes warts.

In this book I devote an entire chapter specifically to what causes warts, and cover such topics as :

  • Who is the most susceptible to developing warts and why
  • Why they are so contagious
  • How wart infection is spread
  • How to avoid being infected with warts
  • The difference between regular warts and genital warts and why you cannot get rid of genital warts with natural remedies!
    (In fact, if you suspect you have genital warts, this is a different matter,  I am going to tell you right now to get to a doctor as fast as possible!)
  • What a wart has in common with a benign tumor
  • Why some warts become painful
  • The type of skin cells and the patterns of growth that are familiar to warts
  • Why you should never attempt to cut a wart off yourself
  • Why some warts bleed and others do not
  • The many types of viruses that can cause different types of warts
  • The relationship of the human papilloma virus to warts
  • An introduction to the 130 different types of HPV viruses that can cause warts
  • Why some warts last only a few days and other take years to get rid of
  • Why does a wart grow back in the same place all the time
  • In Get Rid Of Warts, Veruccas, Moles And Skin Tags The Natural Way I also discuss the very contentious question-


    The answer is YES they are highly contagious and I discuss the implications of this in my ebook including such matters as -

    • How to contract warts indirectly
    • How you can directly pass warts to another person
    • How children can pick up warts
    • The sexual practices that can pass warts from one person to another
    • What to do if you suspect that you have genital warts
    • What hygiene and cleanliness has to do with warts
    • Who is most likely to contract warts
    • What the immune system has to do with contagious warts
    • What types of wart strains are more contagious than others

    This is NOT just a book full of remedies

    Get Rid Of Warts, Moles And Skin Tags The Natural Way

    Is a one stop resource about this topic.

    You will also find a great deal of scientific data backed up with charts, photographs and easy to understand diagrams that can help explain to you what the different strains of warts are...

    I explain to you..

    • What plantar warts are and what causes them
    • The difference between a plantar wart and a corn or callous
    • How to identify the common or classic wart
    • How spending a lot of time in water can affect the development of warts
    • How you can get a flat wart from a cut or a scratch
    • What sunshine has to do with activating warts
    • The cause of genital warts and how to deal with them
    • All about hydrotherapy or freezing warts

    In Get Rid Of Warts, Moles And Skin Tags The Natural Way

    I also discuss -

    • How to use a common household item to seal your wart and deny it the oxygen it needs to live
    • Under what circumstances it is okay to file away at the wart
    • What fruit skin can help you get rid of warts
    • The relationship between aspirin and warts
    • How to use the juice of a common houseplant to cure and remove your warts
    • Oils that can help you get rid of warts
    • What common oil acts as an over the counter medication for warts
    • How oil derived from a type of beetle can help you with your warts
    • How taking Echinacea can play a role in helping your recover from warts

    Of course, there are more than warts when it comes to having the skin plagued with blemishes.

    In this book I also discuss -

    • How to take care of moles and skin lesions and how to determine if a mole is becoming contagious
    • Who gets moles
    • How they are tied in with hormonal changes
    • An introduction to the different types of moles
    • How to tell if your mole might be cancerous
    • What are skin tags
    • How to remove skin tags naturally

    And much, much more!

    In fact, if you can’t find the natural remedy for your skin blemish in this book then you probably WON’T find it anywhere!

    Are you ready to relinquish the power you may have given to your skin blemish and get on with your life?


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    This user friendly eBook has definitely helped people who have read it to cure their wart, mole or skin tag for good, or at least manage its prevalence and appearance better.

    And if for any reason you are dissatisfied with my book you can request a refund and your money will be instantaneously returned to you.

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    ' Get Rid of Warts, Moles andSkin Tags The Natural Way '

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    100% of your purchase price, no questions asked.

    Why am I taking all the risk on myself?

    Because I believe in the methods that I have written about in Get Rid Of Warts, Moles And Skin Tags
    The Natural Way.

    I believe they work.

    I KNOW they work - I have tried them all.

    I believe in the results I've gotten for thousands of people suffering the full range of skin
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